Social Media Community Manager Tasks You can Outsource

Being a social media community manager means you have to wear many hats: Writing, graphic design, mentoring, recruitment, customer service, engaging with the audience, and many more. With all these duties, things can get complicated if you are working full-time or offering social media services as an
agency or a business. There is a lot to handle, including going after clients for payments.

If you are in this situation; fear not! Because in this article, I’ll show you the components of your job, which consume most of your time yet, can outsource and get more time with the audience.

7 Task You Can Outsource As a Social Media Community Manager

1. Group Moderation

Group moderation is the responsibility of every social media community manager. But what happens when you run a massive group with thousands of users in different parts of the globe? Guess what? You will toil odd hours to approve posts or moderate the group’s conversations — leading to burnouts.

And if you rest, you risk losing members because they cannot get responses in time or their posts approved, quickly. Woe unto you if you are running several groups via your social media agency.

To mitigate such risks, outsource some group’s functionality like group moderation or approval of posts to different social media moderators scattered across the globe. These moderators will help you manage comments and posting when you are out of office.

2. Graphic Design

I know there are free photo sites around, and there is also Canva and Adobe tools to help you in photo design. But, sometimes free photos may not work to your advantage if you are running a campaign. Or if you want to design your own images, or want your graphics to align with your brand.

Also, if you are running a business, some clients may not accept stock photos. Hence, design these photos yourself — a time-consuming process. To kill the agony of creating different images for different clients, outsource this service to a graphic designer. With which, you will not only have more time to engage with your audience but also ensure your photos are of quality as only experts make them.

3. Getting Clients

Looking for more clients for your social media business can be time-consuming. Come to think about it: it can be another full-time Job on your roaster. Yet, you need this time to engage your immediate audience.

To have more time for community management, you can outsource finding clients for your business to virtual assistants (VAs) while you focus on your work and business. In the end, it is a win-win situation as you see more clients come while you optimize accounts of your immediate clients and your own.

Also, if you are a full-time community manager in an organization, you can have these VAs polish your resume for your next role or job hunt. Don’t allow such tasks to take control of your time. Outsource and get more time to do social media marketing in a way you admire.

4. Benchmarking and Competitor Analysis

Analyzing what the competitor does is part of every business person’s job since it helps you make amends and be competitive. While there are different methods of doing so: benchmarking, social listening, and reading industry reports, getting and interpreting this data can be time-consuming.

Instead of doing it the hard way: where you want to squeeze time for this process. Get an expert to do a competitor analysis and benchmarking on your behalf and that of your business. These experts bring you breakdown data plus solutions to outdo the competition — a relief not only of precious time but also the
cost of resources and technology needed in this process.


community manager

5. Editing

Creating content for social media is so easy-peasy; if you are in a market, you are well conversant with. However, I can’t say the same when turning content into quality words. More so if you want to create blog posts or a LinkedIn post or article. Typo and spelling errors love these posts, but you can save yourself with an edit.

However, editing consumes valuable time which you should use to engage with the online community. So, save time by finding an editor to help correct these mistakes and focus on your business’s most valuable part. Remember also editing is not only about the text but also involves videos (editing) if you engage with lots of videos and short scripts.

6. Seeking Payment

Going after non-committal clients can be a real pain in the back, not to forget it is also consumes a lot of time. Even after several invoicing and warnings, some clients will still refuse to honor your agreement.

To avoid losses as a freelance social media community manager, you can register you compliant with a union and report cases of non-committal or non-payment from a client.
Unions like Freelancersunion, (an entry free union for freelancers) can connect you to the right legal advisors besides assisting you fill claims in small claims court to ensure you get paid for the service rendered.

7. Mentoring and Training

Working as a community manager or running a social media marketing business means that you occasionally get requests from your clients and newcomers on training. Since this is another business opportunity you cannot ignore, you can train them yourself. But on occasions you are not around, you need someone to continue the project.

Here is where you can involve another social media expert to help with social media marketing courses or training when you are away, overwhelmed, or have urgent business matters to attend.

Succeed as a Community Manager by Outsourcing

Being a community manager or running a social media marketing business does not mean you have to play the hero and do everything. Remember, you risk experiencing burnouts, which may cause harm to yourself and your business.

By outsourcing the tasks above, you not only get more time to enjoy social media and fulfill the most important aspect of your social media marketing business but also rejuvenate your creativity tanks.