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Social media is about sharing and re-sharing content. In this spirit, I present you a collection of social media tool/ hacks to help you manage your time and projects more efficiently.

Please enjoy!

1. Social media scheduling tools

Social media scheduling tools allow you to run all your social media accounts from one central place. No need to log into different platforms to hook up with your users. They are simple yet powerful, with dashboards for social analytics, content creation, content curation, republishing, and much more.
Tools like: Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind, Sprout social, HubSpot, Everypost, SlackSocial, and Blog2Social fall in this league.


2. Social listening, audit, and reporting

Do your manager require a report of the company’s social media account but all you got is vanity metrics?

Do you need to convince senior executives to increase your social media budget but have no tangible data to show?

Do you want an aerial/in-depth view of how your social platforms are performing?

Worry not: SumAll, Netbase, Sysomos, and Crimson Hexagon are all you need. Enjoy pulling insights and essential data from your social accounts into a central analytic dashboard for easy view, submission, and analysis by you and your team.
These tools also allow you to schedule monthly or daily emails to your Inbox with all the information.


3. Social monitoring and social mentions

Buffer reply, Social Mention, Google Alerts, BuzzSumo Alerts, and Folowerwank are some social monitoring software.
These programs collect data on what users say about you or your brand online. With social media being the leading communication medium in the world today, you cannot miss knowing the lovely and unhealthy things people say about your brand. Use these tools to gain insights and keep a tab on your online audience.


4. Tools for creating images, infographics, and videos on the fly

Want to make professional looking images, videos, and stories for social media or blog post in minutes without starting from scratch.

Try Canva, Adobe spark, Pablo by Buffer, Sketch, Animoto, Loom, Gify, Coolors, Piktocharts, iMovie, and CloudApp.
The best part with these software programs is they’ve got customized templates for different social platform whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.


5. Content creation and editing

Do you love writing? How about the editing part?

I can swear not many are good at identifying spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. We need a second and a third eye to help us style our content and make it easily readable for machines and humans.
The tools that will assist you in this process are Grammarly, Prowritingaid, and Hemmingway Editor.


6. Tools for collaboration

If you are working with team members in different parts of the world or country, Slack, Trello, InVision, Yammer, Mural, Basecamp, and BinFire are what you need. These collaboration tools are excellent for communication, connecting, carrying out training, issuing instructions, and assigning tasks to your work colleagues right from your head office or home.


7. Content curation

As a social media manager or a freelance writer, you know content creation is damn time-consuming. The wait between publish content and creating another piece may be unnecessarily long, but your audience can’t wait. They need to be engaged!

Quuu, Shared Count, Feedly, Nuzzle, Flipboard, or BuzzSumo are online tools that allow you to find popular content by topic or what people are talking about to share with your audience and keep them engaged at all times.

8. Social media reputation tools

Want to see how machine learning and artificial intelligence come into play. Try Reputation defender, Buzzlogic, Sentiment Metric, Nielsen, Radian6, and Cision.
These programs use machine learning to track sentiments, comment, and mentions from thousands of data sources to manage reputation. Where your brand is threatened with negative reviews or mentions, you can use such tools to amend and instill confidence in your social and online networks. Additionally, these programs are essential for social monitoring and listening.

9. Tools for building landing pages also known as lead conversion software

As an Internet marketer, you got a load on your plate. You got campaigns to run, engage with your social audience, create and schedule content, create email lists, and also desire to spent time with your family among others. All these activities require time, a resource you may not have.

But we all know of our way around – tools.
Are you thinking of launching a campaign, creating websites or just giving your online presences a new look? Look no further. WordPress, Instapages, Builderall, Clickfunnels, Leadpages, Unbounce, or Infusionsoft are all you need. These tools give you the power to build stylish sites, membership sites, create email autoresponders, shopping carts and much more.

10. Email marketing tools

Are you thinking of driving an email campaign but worried about how your emails would look in various clients Inbox?

Let Litmus, TinyPNG, MailChimp, Aweber, Pixabay, or Raven URL Builder take out the anxiety.

Whether you want to send emails in HTML or just ordinary text, these tools will save you the hassle. Did you know they also have great free videos and images you can use for commercial purposes without worrying about Copywrite issues?


N/B: Please note I put the resources mentioned here after lengthy research, thoughtfulness, consideration and regular use – of some. It is also worth mentioning some links on this page and website are affiliate links and will earn this website a small commission if you consider or accept their services.

To your social media success!

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