How To Get Back On Social Media After A Break

Each person has a life journey to make. For some people, this journey is a constant continuous endeavor. For others, there may be several stops or roadblocks along the way, like an unexpected illness, family issues, or other personal problems life may throw your way.  

Or it may be you took a hiatus, to travel and enjoy the world. 

Whatever it is, I am sure it made you put off most tasks or the work you performed. Be it your job as a social media manager or any other role you had. 

But what happens when all the fun or past problems are behind you? Do you idle around doing nothing? 

No! Like any other person, there is always the feeling of wanting to come back and reconnect with your past love — whether it is social media or any other passion. 

But let’s face it, making a comeback can be daunting. 

A lot has changed, not only in you but also in the marketing landscape, which may make your return to social media management challenging. 

So how do you get back on social media after a break without feeling overwhelmed, baffled, and a total newbie in this field? 

First, know what to expect!

How To Come Back To Social Media

1. Where To Begin

So you have planned all your ideas and decided that it is time to go back to social media management. You have also made a case to your spouse or family members with excitement. 

The feeling of making a comeback has died down. Now you’re asking yourself what next? 

You can’t think where to start with your social. Well, here is what you can do to get started fast.

Depending on your background with social media, the best thing is not to post immediately but build a portfolio. 

There are several places to host your portfolio. 

It can be on LinkedIn with your past sample to showcase. Alternatively, you can create a website where you tell the world your return to this role and market by publishing content or telling stories of this field.

Another way can be to run a friend’s or a small business’s social to help you get started. Note that at this point, you are awakening your spirits. So ensure not to worry too much about the future or what will not happen.

2. Plan The Future

After doing a few socials for a few businesses, friends, or your own, now it is time to plan for your future and social media. 

This is the time to craft a plan or content plan which will not only meet your goals but also ensure your social activity goes on even with another break. 

Also, note that you may face lots of criticism and difficulties but never let them hold you back. 

Negative feedback will only hinder your progress. As you are readjusting to your new environment, take time, and be patient while you make substantial progress. 

You are the one who knows where you are going and where you came from, so never allow things to run on autopilot. 

In this planning process, put into consideration when you will pitch to prominent publications for your services. Include also a long-term goal of building your own social media agency.


How to make a social comeback


3. Know The Changes That Have Occurred On Social Media And In You

Social media is a fast-moving place. It never sleeps. 

As you are making your comeback, realize that things are not the same anymore. Whatever used to work before may not work now; hence, you cannot approach social media as an old dog. 

Additionally, you as an individual aren’t the same person you were before. Several aspects of your life has changed. 

Note these changes, analyze them, and adjust where appropriate as the social environment also changes. 

You also need not be rigid and be ready to bend specific aspects of your life when the need arises. 

To ensure you quickly recover the lost time and knowledge, you can enroll for social media marketing courses available online and on campuses. These courses will bring you up to date on new things that are happening in the world of social media that you need to know.

4. Find A Community

A community is one thing you cannot miss to have when you make a comeback to social media. The need to be around like-minded people is significant for any person who wants to make progress in his work. 

There are many benefits that you will gain by being around a community:

  • From a community, you will learn new tricks from professionals who are in this field. It can be in the form of training or expert tips and resources that can assist you socially or in marketing. 
  • With a community, help is always available, especially when you got urgent issues that you need to address about social networking sites. Community members can offer you support and encouragement when you are feeling low and when things aren’t working. 
  • A community is also a great resource for moral support and idea-sharing.
  • Communities will also teach you how to interact and promote on the social channels. The members will tell you all the rules and guidelines to follow when you get back to social media. Additionally, these professionals can also bring you a fresh perspective on your work and how you can improve plus how to deal with everyday challenges social media specialists face

Where To Find Communities

While the most obvious and comfortable place to find a community is on social media itself, internet groups, or online chatrooms, there are communities available offline too. 

You can find many of them in your local area and do weekly or monthly meet-ups for a better understanding of social media and its landscape. 

There are also influencer marketing conferences occasionally held from time to time in different parts of the world that you can attend and make connections.

How To Make A Social Comeback

You return to the social landscape is about rediscovering yourself. Life might have changed in you and on social networks during your absence and after your return. 

But it is important not to disconnect yourself from what you are aiming for and the results you want to achieve. 

Remember that you are making a comeback for a reason despite the setback and the difficulties. So, identify why you are making a comeback and its benefit even though things will never be complete. 

Remember also to embrace your return to the social networking service positively, and in every journey you make knowing that it will always be a work-in-progress thing.