8 Social Media Engagement Tactics That Win Customers

Is your social media engagement plain flat boring?

Are you struggling to find content that connects or rings within your social users? 

Do you feel you’ve lost touch with your audience after a lengthy spell of mediocre engagement? Fear not! 

In this post, we’ll show you how to breathe life into a dead lost audience or spark engagement by making simple changes to your content. 

But first, why is social media engagement important for businesses?

It is a fact that social media engagement plays an essential role in every marketer content plan. Close to 80% of a marketers effort leans to content or social media engagement while the rest divide between leads and awareness, making engagement the most sought input in advertises KPIs.

But Why Social Media Engagement?

To find why social media engagement is so meaningful, let’s take a brief tour of its advantages:

OK. We know social media engagement can make or damage your social content strategy. Meaning, if you have productive engagements, the more leads you will bring, plus a successful build-up of awareness. 

Higher engagement is responsible for bringing to your blog organic traffic from social channels hence a rise in search engine page positions. Top page rank translates to more site visits and user interactivity on your blog or website, which ultimately results in conversions.

On the opposite, low engagement is a choice with significant repercussions to a business’s bottom line. Like poor to no leads, reach, and even performance. As a business owner, you sincerely don’t want to sit on this side with engagement. 

So how can you create or improve engagement on your social channels?

Run a Poll

Polls are an excellent way to salt your social media engagement. With Polls, you can ask your audience for input on any topic so long as it applies to the group’s agenda. Further, polls are great at finding what content your audience appreciates. 

From the answers, you can close on content to put on your social media channels and whatnot. Also, some users might share ideas you and your team overlooked.

Use Infographics and Visuals

A one-time study conducted by LinkedIn on its platform showed that images and infographics increased user comments by 98%. Meaning, people are likely to react to a post with visuals and well elaborative infographics than one without. 

A post with images is more likely to get loads of likes and shares as users connect pictures to the subject of discussion.

Another study on Facebook found posts with visual created 87% increase in interaction, and on Twitter, such tweets earned 150% more retweets.

To succeed with visuals and infographics, customize your images for every platform because each supports a specific image character limits.

Post Tasty Videos of Products

Since video marketing made landfall a few years ago, their significance has risen so fast to overlook. Studies show social videos can cause a 1200% increase in shares compared to images or text. 

Facebook reveals live videos have an engagement rate of 4.3% and 2.2% than recorded once. Advertisers likewise perceive videos have the best ROI. How? With videos, users stick to a platform longer by seeing and interacting with it more.

To take advantage of videos:

They need to be mobile-friendly.

Why? Most people today consume content through mobile phones. Plus, smartphones are the likely medium people use to access social channels. 

Your videos and images need to be compatible with mobile viewing. 

Unlike laptops that handle videos in landscape mode, create videos in portrait or square mode for more natural user consumption.

Keep them brief about 30 seconds, with compelling and coherent text or writing.

You can also incorporate background music to your videos to season the entertainment. 

To add variety, use cinematographic and gif in your video marketing plan.



Run a Contest

Wow! We all love contests and the success that comes with winning every challenge. 

In every sweepstake held, have a crown for a winner. It can be free tutorials, a course, or an entry ticket to an event!

Whatever it is: Contest, giveaway, or sweepstakes. Use them to create productive interactions and beliefs, generate leads, and build exposure. To make things lively, announce the winner through a video or photo displays.

Let Your Followers Know of their Importance

If you have followed a page or group on Facebook, chances are there is a particular reason you choose to be part of that community–which was to gain some value. 

Reminding your followers why they are members of the group or page and their importance is a great way to build engagement as users are always let known of their significance. 

This strategy ensures every conversation surrounds the group’s agenda, purpose, and no inappropriate discussions are held.

Upcoming Events

Let your audience know of any upcoming events. You can suggest they comment or share what to add on the event’s list. 

After all, they might have helpful suggestions that may help make the experience successful. Plus, share the event’s agenda with their network leading to more exposure and probably, conversions. 

Upcoming events are an excellent opportunity for lead generations. If you planned to build your email list, this is the chance to set call-to-actions directing visitors to your site landing page for contact collections.

great social media engagement ideas


Boost a Post Targeted to Your Followers and Follow with an Engagement Content

For those with generous budgets, you can drive a targeted ad campaign to those outside your following. 

You can accomplish this with Facebook ads, Twitter ads, or use a third-party ad company to make customized ads targeting your visitors.

To maximize on ads, drop an engagement content parallel to the ad, then observe how your users interact with both contents. You can later fast track the campaign progress using various analytical tools to gain insights into what makes users click.

Find a Unique Product and Challenge Your Followers to Guess

Are you planning to launch a unique product or service to the market?

The excellent place to break the news is on your social channels. 

You can escalate your influence and leads by showing your audience a modest view of the product and ask them to guess. You can award the individual who answers right a free copy of the product or at a discounted cost.

Alternatively, if you have no unique product or service for your users, you can post high-quality photos of products (be it food, rooms, or wine) and let your visitors and customers play horoscope matching.

Other ways to improve social media engagement for businesses include content curation, conducting live video sessions, inviting guests or influencers, and testing your brand personality.

What are some great social media engagement ideas you use? Send us your thoughts and views in the comments section below!