5 Ways to Succeed With Inclusive Marketing By Doing Less

Let’s be honest. Everyone needs a proper strategy to be successful on social media or anything marketing, right? You probably heard of countless ways to promote on social media — including those from engaged influencers, marketing geeks, social media consultants, among others, isn’t?

How about inclusive marketing? I bet not.

What Is Inclusive Marketing?

To understand the idea behind inclusive marketing, first, we need to know what inclusive mean:

Merriam-webster explains the term inclusive as “covering or intended to cover all…” 

So what’s the story behind inclusive marketing? 

This may not come out clearly as it sounds, but you are presenting an advertising mechanism with an outlook of winning the global population: the niche shouldn’t be in the vocabulary.

The result is distinct but two-way beneficial. 

One advantage of using inclusive marketing is that it is cheap, non-formal, and anyone can do it. But often, it depends on each person’s ambitions and efforts, whether you are a full-time freelancer, an entrepreneur, a commercial geek, or an influencer. 

With that said, let’s dive into ways you can succeed with inclusive marketing.

1. Charity or Grants

Like owning/running a business, society is stifling with loads of challenges which demand our immediate attention. While this may not necessarily be a good thing, getting active partners involved to address societal problems can be a nightmare. 

But since businesses are in a position of power, one thing they can do is to support a course, a movement, or develop means to take up a problem. This can either be on or outside social media and in any sector, not just in their line of operation. A business size also should not matter, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or an SME to accomplish this?

Any company, including startups, can effectively use charities or grants as an inclusive marketing method while solving a major societal challenge. By supporting a movement or cause, giving out donations to communities and organizations, social entrepreneurs can make their business noticeable on social channels and traditional media.

2. Provide A Service or Product for Free

Businesses seeking to secure themselves a place in the minds of people cannot overlook the potential in giveaways. 

A free service may cover giving schools, or customers access to your product, free! It can also be through providing a technical resource, course, or design resources as long as it is a spontaneous and collaborative effort from your end. 

But, does that mean you should offer free services often? 

I guess you could, but better be strategic on which products should be giveaways and during which times. Obviously, most businesses would prefer holiday seasons or school term breaks. Offering free service is a good starting point, one to hold useful in winning and making your customer more reciprocal.

inclusive campaign


3. Be Social

While this approach seemed silly and unconventional, it is now an effective marketing strategy to hunt for leads. In today’s society, social media is no longer for the usual meet-ups but has come on the radar as excellent centers for networking and marketing. 

Organizations that need to reach more people can easily integrate this method per se in their marketing, content creation and curation plan

One advantage of using this method as an inclusive marketing ploy is you can comfortably invite other brands or get people taking part in community work or charitable events. Another way can be hosting social events or watch parties. 

By being with people or bring them together, your business can immensely enhance its social image. 

4. Music and Videos As A Means of Bringing People Together

 “I think we’re going to be in a world a few short years from now where the vast majority of the content people consume online will be videos.”

OK. That may be how Mark Zuckerberg worded it, but isn’t it true?

People are consuming videos everywhere: courses, quizzes, branded content, and training manuals. On YouTube, blog post, iTunes, phones, and other smart home devices. Videos are soon replacing images and text as the king of web content. 

But why are videos so important?

To the average consumer, videos are nostalgia, especially if they provide some benefit. To an Internet marketer, sound and images can resonate a unique business sense. They can quickly speak the past, present, and future.

To repeatedly maximize the power of videos and music in inclusive marketing; here are ways you can incorporate videos in social media posts easily.

  • Make videos more personalized by adding individual recommendations from consumers, influences, and if possible, company staff, and no ads.
  • Tell your story with a plan.
  • Stories, stories, and more stories, not sales.
  • Include a call to action on your videos.

5. Using Quotes To Drive A Message

Society and Social media today has become more visual than it was a few years back. Images and visuals are the order of the day hence an irreplaceable ingredient. 

It’s predicted images and visuals can increase shareability, favorites, and retweet on social channels by double or triple digits. But do you know what’s better?

Your business harnessing the power of visuals by incorporating quotes or quote images in your social media marketing campaigns. 

Quotes are an effective alternative to improve your brand’s image on social media. They can make your audience feel honored since they are timeless, motivational, and inspiring. 

One company that has witnessed significant progress with quotes is Foundr. After close to 5 months of continuously posting healthy diet quote images, the firm had increased its following on Instagram by over 111k. 

If you are a business or content producer and worked everything right but see no results, it is time you look the quotes way. Here are some golden rules to be successful with quotes on social media:

  • Quotes need to match a brand’s tone and voice
  • Quotes need to connect with your followers, at least in some way. Emotional, if possible.
  • Your audience needs to recognize where your quotes come from — got to have them branded! 

Inclusive In Marketing

It takes time to get started with inclusive marketing and be successful at it. Whichever direction you chose in your marketing strategy, you got to start somewhere, anywhere, and know your best bet may come from looking at things from an unusual perspective, and, some little bit of luck!