Declutter your power cables with the Anker surge protector.


As more smart devices fill up our homes and workplace, the reality of being clutter with power cables unfolds. Not only that, with so many connected extension cables there is the risk of power surge and electrical fires if proper precaution is not taken. Luckily, either problem may be covered, thanks to Anker power strip protector.

Currently available on Amazon at $26.99 for a limited time, Anker powerpoint surge protector ports 3 USB ports, and 12 AC power outlets making it suitable for many appliances.

And at six-foot long, the plug makes reaching the wall an effortless task. Besides, it is fitted with an overload safety switch which automatically shut off to keep your electrical appliance safe. The surge protection also helps keep your device safe from an explosion of high voltage.


Ankers protector is likewise fitted with superior safety elements such as; thick rubber covering, conductive integrated copper, a fire-retardant casing, and a three-wire protective technology which limits overvoltage. Grab the item at Amazon and enjoy a 53% off your power needs.