Google set to Introduce Self-Destruct Feature in the New Gmail Update

Google set to Introduce a New Gmail Update

The Email may be old-fashioned, but truth be said, it is here to last even with the growth of social media services like Facebook or Twitter. Personally, I prefer to use these so-called cluttered In boxes as my primary form of communication even as my age mate have already unsubscribed from such. Thus, I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Gmail Google is set poise.

What’s with Google’s new Gmail look.

Google will release a container of features in the new Gmail update- reports TechCrunch with a focus on enhancing privacy and confidentiality among mail users. Among these features is a self-destructing timer similar to that on ProtonMail. A self-destruct timer feature enables the sender of a mail to allot the time the message will destroy itself from the recipient Inbox and likewise your out-box once the set-time passes. The timer counts immediately the message is sent or reaches the recipient Inbox. What we don’t know is whether this timer will still function among non-Gmail users and if the messages will also be deleted from Gmail servers.


Google set to Introduce new features in the New Gmail Update


Another feature to add an extra coat of security is passcodes. Mail users will for the first time create passwords to emails they sent. These passwords must be known between the sender and recipient to allow the latter access the message in their Inbox. This can be by the recipient confirming his identity via a message sent to his phone or logging in repeatedly.


Again, email users will be allowed to force restrictions on their messages (send emails in Confidentiality mode) by either giving or denying the receiver of the message from copying, pasting, forwarding, printing, or downloading the message.

Smart replies are also thought to be introduced in the update plus the ability to allocate time when your emails appear or disappear from your Inbox. Not only that, Google will introduce a more easy ways to access apps on G-Suite from your Gmail app.