The few ways iPhone lag behind android

While iPhone features, design, structure, UI, adaptability, internal security, and its price are incomparable with other mobile phone OS, we cannot deny that there are undisputed ways that Android beats iPhone or as better say; the iPhone trailing behind its main competitor-Android.

1. Android is easily customizable

iOS philosophy is more about retaining control of default apps allowing only a few customizations. The keyboard strokes, blueprint, gizmo, and other elements are sealed to its own specifications.
Fortunately, Android lets you draw your own standard of customization. You can decide from an array of widgets that live in your lock screen or download them from the launcher, add to your home screen and tweak your phone to your hearts desires.
Besides, You can even modify the SW that runs your phone and install a version of the upgraded operating system with a considerably higher performance if you think the manufacturer is not ready in upgrading to a higher operational OS. Likewise still, you can install a different OS like Ubuntu, Firefox OS, or Sailfish. Hell, no can you accomplish this in iPhone.

2. Dual sim factor allows you to swap networks seamlessly

iPhone lags behind android

How about the thought of using two or three separate mobile sims from different networks at the same time? Now that what you make of Androids dual sim feature. Unlike iPhone which merely operate on a single sim, it android counterparts come with a single, dual and even threefold interface granting you the right to seamlessly switch or use separate networks on a single phone at the same time letting you forget pulling out a sim and battery every time you wish to switch a new, different network.

3. iPhone default browser is safari.

iPhone lags behind android

For us mobile phone users and notably those of us who love to make use of the Internet from our phones, Opera mini is the go browser. It’s lightweight, easy to use and beside it consume little bandwidth. Because of this we always adopt it as our default browser. But what can you do if you cannot switch your default browser to the one your love? Well, it becomes very disheartening, and that’s what you get with an iPhone. While Android allows you to set your default browser to the one you like such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox, iPhone only sets you to Safari unless you aim to tweak your iOS with a browser changer.

4. You can’t multi-task/split screen in iPhone.

iPhone lags behind android

The split-screen feature is solely usable in Apple iPads; in fact as from Air 2. For iPhone, though the name may be similar, it is more of a split view feature and not a split screen character. Why? Unlike, the split screen feature on iPads and Android phones the split view feature in iPhones cannot be used for multitasking. Meaning you cannot open multiple apps and run them simultaneously. In iPhones, the split view feature will simply allow you to feature space showing more material. The split screen feature used to be for high-end phones in Android, but as from Nougat or later variant, you can easily enjoy surfing the web while scrolling through installed apps a feature not achievable with iPhones.

5. Android phones are relatively affordable.

While the less pricey iPhone model is priced at around $1000, Android phone ranges between $250-750 at most, with some selling for as little as 100 dollars. That makes android most pocket-friendly and preferred by the modest income earns who represent a wider proportion of the mobile phone network. iPhones are therefore for the high-end income earners and not made with the bulk low/ middle-income earners in mind. Whichever way, a product is ever best when it is affordable.

6. Apple stylus is only compatible with iPad pro devices only.

iPhone lags behind android

The stylus is effective in scribbling notes and Apple made a stylus called the Apple pencil. While the Apple pencil is an excellent design tool, it is regrettable that in spite its pricey nature it is not incompatible with iPhones and work only on iPad pro devices. Not even will it function on iPhone 6S series. On the other hand, the Android pencil can be used on Android phones, pads, windows and iOS tablets with little hiccups. Though different companies have a different stylus like the Samsung stylus S-pen will work on all Samsung Notes, you are never locked to a single variant.