Is the selfie stick so over? See how you can film yourself hands-free.

Long live the selfie stick. The selfie stick was one revolutionary phone accessory. The ability to snap a shot from a distance when no one was around to take it made it a handy tool for a photo shoot. While its primary purpose was for seizing those perfect moments, apparently, the selfie stick could likewise perform one important function- a tool for self-defense.

Whatever its purpose might have been, you must have noticed that the selfie stick mania is already dead? Nowadays, you are most likely to see people take a snap on their front camera just by drawing out their arms long in the open and snap; they have picked up that perfect picture. But what if your arms aren’t long enough?


Well, the makers of the selfie stick- QuickPod have noticed this and are not taking any chances by introducing a much easier way of taking selfies. The Selfie stick-It. A Bluetooth enabled smartphone mount which can stick anywhere is the new instant photo booth. Unlike the foot-long metal rod, the selfie Stick-It is portable, lightweight, pocket-friendly and works on all surfaces including wood, metal, glass, mirror, marble, except, it is no longer a defense tool anymore. But whether iOS or Android, the selfie stick-it fits any smartphone.


All you have to do is secure it to a surface of your preference, get on the Bluetooth remote button and snap. The tiny gadget also supports video recording.
To record a video, hold down the Bluetooth button and your phone will start recording. When finished recording, twist the Stick-It off the surface and it will come out damage free.

For those who love to snap photos on the go or lack a surface to securely attach the selfie Stick-It, note that the featherweight Stick-It can be easily turned into a tabletop tripod with legs.

See it, love it, stick it, click it and erect a photo booth anywhere.