13 Influencer marketing conference & expo for the avid marketer

Influencer marketing workshops have lived only a few years now. However, we cannot overlook their influence on content marketing. Gone are the days where brands engaged consumers in advertising tactics that feel cheap and hold little concern to consumers input.
Today’s consumers keep shifting, and if you cannot offer them better service or value, they’ll run to your competitor.
The rise in generation Z and Post-Millennials are the driving factors behind these shifts in consumer behavior, whose remedy seems to be influencer marketing millennials or content marketers.

To the rise of Influencer and content marketing, we have lined up 13 Influencer marketing workshops you cannot miss, learning about the shifting trends in this business and how the industry, brands, and consumers are caring for this gamechanger.

1. Influencer marketing workshop in San Francisco, CA, 21 March.

This Influencer marketing workshop is a seminar with relevant training teaching marketers, social media managers, and brands knowledge on compliance procedures and tools to run a successful Influencer campaign. The one-day workshop teaches content producers, communication PRs, and business owners on:

  • FTC Compliance
  • Influencer discovery
  • Influencer strategy
  • How to approach Influencers
  • Track and analyzing campaigns

2. Playlist Live in Orlando, FL, 1-3 March.

Playlist Live usual host their 3-day Influencer marketing education at the World Center Marriott in Orlando. Many consider it a moment for content authors to meet sponsors, exhibitors, and vendors.
Activities include live games, performance, and meet-ups. Discussions surround current industry developments, digital video environment, and how to form a successful influencer campaign.

3. Social media strategic summit.

For this conference, cities like Anaheim, CA, 19–21 March 2019, Chicago, IL, 30 April–2 May 2019, and New York City, NY, 15–17 October 2019 are hosts to this event.
Discussions will oscillate between the benefit of social media and developing a winning formula with Influencer marketing: plus, social media courses, how to sessions, and best practices in social media marketing.

4. Social media marketing world in San Diego, CA, 20-22 March.

This event promotes the latest trends and how to complete the latest social media technique successful. Social media marketing world targets market professional engaged in Influencer marketing opportunities and social media marketers working as network marketers, company partners, experts, and individual entrepreneurs. The event covers:

  • Facebook family of products including ads.
  • Live video, video production, and YouTube.
  • Social strategy, content marketing, corporate marketing, local business marketing, and analytics.
  • LinkedIn marketing, Twitter marketing, Pinterest marketing, Snapchat marketing, and blogging.

5. Ignite Influencer marketing boot camp in Scottsdale, AZ, 28 March.

Ignite Influencer boot camp is a one-day conference bringing together marketers and brands for discussions about Influencer promotions. Here are some session discussion cases:

  • The creativity one demands in an Influencer program
  • Result driven metrics that count
  • The best approaches to connect with Influencers
  • How you should brand
  • How to use AR and VR to deepen your influence

6. Youth marketing strategy in London, UK, 16-17 April.

In this two-day youth marketing event, you learn why generation Z trust there Influencers more and not the traditional marketers. You will also learn the latest trends, business case studies, and generation Z arguments.

Additional materials to profit from this conference include.

  • The influence of content distribution
  • Who are generations Z admirers?
  • How to inspire your audience with relevant content
  • Why action is the absolute drive and not words
  • Why brands should shift focus on generation Z
  • How to market and capture generation Z’s attention

7. The social shake-up Atlanta, GA, 6-8 May.

The social shake-up is also another event to meet with experts who understand social media, receive ideas on what’s next, and how to move your brand forward. It is a chance to establish relationships with brands, influencers, and powerful names in the world of social media.

Some discussion topics include case studies, and a review panel focused on:

  • Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Disaster control, blogging, social good, content marketing, and paid social.
  • SEO measurement, social marketing, talent retention, customer success, video, monitoring data, social strategy, and many more.

You also get to interact on the stand with top industry influencers, share views on content marketing, and how to create an influencer partner marriage.

8. Influencethis social content edition in Toronto, Canada, 15 May.

Influencethis is Canadian’s top influencer marketing conference targeting publishers, media companies, marketers, and content producers. Besides the substantial networking opportunities and a blend of presentation, talks, and interviews, Influencethis gives opportunities for top brands to connect and understand influencers power in the progress of a business social marketing mix.

9. Savage marketing in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 12-13 June.

Savage marketing is an opportunity to participate, network, and learn matters affecting B2C marketing, focusing on those engrossed in influencer marketing, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Discussion topic may have:

  • How to conquer the new generation
  • The technological shifts
  • AI and ML in digital marketing and industry practice.

10. Digital growth unleashed.

Previously called conversion conference, this marketing conference is available in three specific areas on the northern hemisphere.
Las Vegas, NV, 17-19 June 2019, London, UK, 16-17 October 2019, and Berlin, Germany, 18-19 November 2019.

Digital growth unleashed allow you to establish contacts with your favorite speakers, draw actionable and insightful tips from professional speakers and keynotes in digital marketing. The event does not allow video recording, but there are plenty of activities you can commit to as we approach winter.

11. VidCon 10 in Anaheim, CA, 10-13 July.

VidCon is the place for videos enthusiast and those who wish to invest in video marketing. VidCon covers the entire social media universe including Twitch and TikTok. There are three tracks available one can choose:

1. The community track for fans who yearn to have a great time with their favorite content creators and influencers.

2. The creator track is for those who want to reach content producers and make better content. This track is for lovers of videos and content making.

3. The Industry track with its private lobby and sessions covers companies and brands who wish to make alliances. It is an excellent opportunity for brands and businesses to connect and share insights into video influencer marketing.

12. CM World in Cleveland, OH, 3-6 September.

CM World or content marketing world EXPO is the best place to connect, meet, and learn from content Industry leaders. Being that top marketing leaders and experts come for this summit, the conference is an excellent opportunity for individuals looking to hear how to improve their social media ROI, AI, a content strategy, and influencer marketing procedures.

13. Tastemakers Conference in Portland, OR, 19-21 September.

Influencers, content creators, and food bloggers; this is a workshop you cannot miss! With food lovers and vendors always on form, this is a forum for food bloggers to profit. There are up to eight different class and workshops available with influencer experts.

To enter, you’ll require a general admission card to access sponsor admission hall, meet up and make ties with your favorite food expert and brands you may wish to associate with in your campaigns.

Any niche influencer marketing outreach you long to attend? Please share in the comments section below.